EDUCAP Trainings

Do you know what child sexual abuse is?

It is one of the most common and least visible forms of violence against children. The figures indicate that 1 in 5 people of child age have suffered sexual abuse in childhood.

It is more common than we would like, right?

A tool to fight against sexual abuse is PREVENTION from the earliest ages. Talking about sexual abuse is preventing. Speaking about comprehensive sexual education is preventing. Learning to generate safe spaces is preventing. The participation and empowerment of children is prevention.

Speak and Prevent sexual abuse against children have been the 2 Modules that have started the EDUAP training.

These practices have to be promoted from the educational centers, so from the EDUCAP Project we congratulate the teachers who continue with the training and we encourage the non-registered teachers to read the guide (Educap Products) and contact us if they want more information.

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