Raising Awareness Materials

Raising awareness materials for educational community, families and children.

From the EDUCAP Project it has been developed three raising awareness materials for educational community (teachers, school directors, psychologists, pedagogues, counselors), families and children with information on the child’s right to be protected from violence and with key information to prevent, identify and act before sexual violence against children. 

This material has been prepared because as adults there exists the responsibility to protect children form violence and also from sexual violence. Responsibility  also means to give children all the resources available for them to be able to protect their selfs.

The materials can be found here translated into English, Spanish and Valencian.

  1. Raising Awareness Material for Educational Comunity: Comunidad educativa_A4 
  2. Raising Awareness Material for Families: Familias_A4 plegado_english
  3. Raising Awareness Material for Children: Niños_A2_digital_english

Here again the whole EDUCAP Guide to download EDUCAP_Guide_digital