EDUCAP Products

We present the first product of the Project, the EDUCAP Guide.

A guide to prevention, detection, action and accompaniment for pre-school and primary schools in cases of sexual abuse against children.

This Guide is one of the products of the European project Multiplying Educational Capacities to Combat Sexual Violence Against Children (known by its acronym EDUCAP), awarded in 2021 and in which the University of Valencia, the University of Barcelona, the organization Save the Children and the University Carlos III of Madrid participate as partners, with the support of various public entities of the Generalitat Valenciana, particularly the General Directorate of Educational Inclusion of the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Office for Victims of Crime of the Regional Ministry of Justice, Interior and Public Administration.

The program has been designed to be the basic material for a teacher training program following the training of trainers methodology. The training received should enable teachers both to prevent child sexual abuse in the classroom, with their students, and to train teachers.

Here it is to download it in english: EDUCAP_Guide_digital