Open session October 3rd – “Tools for protection against child sexual abuse”

Next October 3rd, it will take place a public mutual learning meeting presentation with a grupo of four experts about protection against sexual abuse on children. This mutual learning meeting is part of the European EDUCAP project (Multiplying Educational Capacities to Combat Sexual Violence Against Children).

Please sign up for the conference before September 29 at the following link: 

Some pictures: from the open sesion and the mutual learning meeting of the Multidisciplinary Group

More than hundred people attended the open session of the EDUCAP Project in person, some of them connected to the online platform. It was a complete success. 

The speakers shared their experiences in the world of sexual violence against children from a variety of perspectives, focusing on the importance of educating from the early years of life in self-respect, knowledge of one’s own limits and sexuality. 

The following day, the Multidisciplinary Group and the coordinating team of the EDUCAP Project, about twenty people also experts in the fight against sexual violence in childhood, met at the Institute of Human Rights of the UV to review the draft of the guide on prevention and detection of child abuse for schools. 

We can only thank so many people working actively in this project. 

We continue, 

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