About EDUCAP Project

The European Parliament has recognized that sexual abuse and sexual exploitation constitute serious violations of fundamental rights. In this sense, the Directive 2011/93/EU on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, establishes the obligation to train professionals on Sexual Violence against Children (SVaC), but this obligation remains to be breached in various European countries, among others, Spain.

This Project aims to partially solve this lack of training with respect to the target group of teachers in Valencian Community (Spain). Teachers are a key group that often constitutes the gateway to the protection system. With this horizon, the overall objectives of the project are to improve teachers’ capacities to address SVaC, both in prevention and in action, and, thus, to prevent SVaC among student children and to increase the protection to victims of SVaC. The main activities are the preparation of a Training Program on SVaC, the implementation of this Program to a target group of key teachers, the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation to validate the feasibility of replicating the project in other contexts, the development of a community awareness strategy against SVaC and dissemination and sustainability of the project results.

EDUCAP aims to achieve the following results: 1) creating of a Pedagogical Guide on SVaC for teachers; 2) improving capacities to address SVaC through the implementation of the Pedagogical Guide with a ToT methodology, training directly 100 teachers from 100 schools that after will train the teachers of their centers, reaching an estimated number of 1,200 teachers trained on SVaC; 3) increasing community awareness of the SVaC problem and of the children ́s right to be protected through a communication strategy; 4) promoting the replication of the project through a Guidance Document; 5) improving the protection of approximately 26,000 children against sexual violence.